Happy 2017 from Jenny Q Chai

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  • January 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year 2017!
Just a quick wrap up of my 2016 and some news looking ahead.

In 2016, I am especially excited to have toured with my NASA climate change program Acqa Alta with NASA scientist Ian Fenty. I had written an article on the amazing music critic Steve Smith’s Log Journal about the program.

I played Marco Stroppa‘s Ninnananna at Carnegie for the memorial concert of my dear Curtis teacher Seymour Lipkin.

I went on a whole California tour with Friction Quartet world premiering Andy Akiho‘s prepared piano quintet Five Prospects of a Misplaced Year, just written for us, meanwhile learned about the awesome music in other genres such as Stevie Wonders, Jeff Buckley and Avishai Cohen.

I started guest hosting a classical music radio broadcast show in Shanghai Media Group on How to Listen to Modern Music, the first episode reached 1.4 million listeners.

My school and cultural exchange center FaceArt Institute of Music is running steadily, having sent quite some students abroad to the best music schools in the U.S. and our students winning 90+ national and international awards by the 6th year. Especially notably was FA’s 5th year anniversary concert at Shanghai Symphony Hall, guest performance by the amazing new music group Loadbang from NY!

Aside from my awesome American management company Ariel, I also joined the roster of European based management company CLB.

In 2017, I’ll continue the radio show, introducing 20th C. and new music to a Chinese audience, hopefully fulfilling my duty as an American-Chinese contemporary pianist, release a few albums, continue to meet and collaborate with inspiring musicians and artists in the world.

One last piece of news is that I have won the commission of residency at Cité des Arts in Paris, being offered a studio and facility at the heart of Paris, le Marais, for half year. I’ll be going there this month.

I wish you all a wonderful, exciting and happy new year!
I hope to see you sometime, somewhere, in 2017!