Invitation to my global warming NASA supported program premier in New York’s Le Poisson Rouge Nov.6

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  • October 14, 2016

Jenny Q Chai,piano
Aqua Alta (High Water) at LPR
Sunday, November 6th, 2016 8:00PM

Acqua Alta (High Water) is a program which focuses on global warming and its effects on the Earth’s oceans, with NASA data visualisations and digital paintings.

Dear friends and colleagues,

It’s my great pleasure to be returning to NYC’s one and only le Poisson Rouge, a place so cool and important for many kinds of music and is in every way boundary breaking.

I will be performing in NY a most meaningful program to me, Aqua Alta, on global warming and its effect on water. It’s a multi-media solo piano program with some electronics, using NASA scientist Ian Fenty‘s data visualisations and beautiful digital paintings by artist Relja Penezic.

Acqua Alta (High Water) is a program which focuses on global warming and its effects on the Earth’s oceans. The music on this program showcases the piano’s full range of expression, from exquisite nuance to bold gesture, as well as a wide range of musical understandings of water dating from both before and after the emergence of global climate change.

The program also includes sound and video installations based on global warming data curated by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratories scientist Dr. Ian Fenty. The effect of global warming on water has been Fenty’s field of specialization for years. In addition, some pieces on the program are paired with the digital paintings of artist Relja Penezic, all of which are related to water. A narrative unfolds over the course of the performance, at first showing the tranquility of water and of humanity living harmoniously with it, then gradually showing a breakdown of that harmony in an increasingly industrialized world, and a troubling of the delicate balance that oceanic life requires.

Works to be performed on the “Acqua Alta (High Water)” program include:

Victoria Jordanova, Loveling
Marco Stroppa, “Tangata Manu” from Miniature Estrose
Claude Debussy, La cathédrale engloutie
Theodore Wiprud, Face of the Deep*
Orlando Gibbons, Allemande (Italian Ground) (1613)
Franz Liszt, La lugubre gondola
Milica Paranosic, Bubble (in trouble)
György Kurtág, Shadow-play
Marco Stroppa, “Ninnananna” from Miniature Estrose
György Ligeti, No.1 and No.7 from Musica Ricercata
Cole Ingraham, Entropy (3 parts)*

You can read more about the program description and get tickets here.

I hope to see you there!
Best regards,