Jenny Chai’s Summer Adventures and Coming News

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  • November 18, 2019

Dear Friends and Music Supporters,

It has been a super full summer for me.
I have designed and hosted a month long of FAIM Co-Creation Music Festival at the FaceArt Institute of Music I founded with Juilliard pianist Piotr Tomasz in Shanghai 9 years ago, where we invited AMAZING faculty such as piano pedagogues Dr. Solomon Mikowsky, Prof. Inesa Synkevich, Prof. Yoonie Han, composers Sam Wu and Dr. Antonio Juan Marcos, alongside FAIM’s all-star faculty members James Brawn, Jacob Charles, Edit-Maria Lenghel, Dr. Oliver Salonga and Piotr Tomasz. We co-created, composed for film music, and played 4-hands and 6-hands together. There was even a performance of the most ancient Chinese instrument Gu Qin by our new faculty, American composer Jacob Charles. The impact was grand!
I’ll share some videos of the festival at the end of the email.

Then it was followed by a week-long intensive piano and violin training led by the amazing pianist, MSM piano professor Alexander Moutouzkine and his wife, the fabulous MSM violin faculty Chloé Kiffer in August. Their visit to FaceArt was so memorable, a student made clay dolls of the event 🙂
I was also invited to teach, perform and give workshops at the historical U.K. International Piano Festival Chetham’s in Manchester, on contemporary music. It was so much fun and so great to see so many people interested in new music.
I also gave a TEDx talk in Shanghai on Music and Technology, including talking about one of my concerts being replaced by robots (it’s true!)
Most importantly, my MSM professor, the world renown piano pedagogue Dr. Solomon Mikowsky’s visit was impactful. We hosted his masterclass at the beautiful Shanghai Oriental Arts Center, after our faculty-student concert.

Here are some of his media interviews when he visited FAIM.
Play Video

Dr. Mikowsky talking about piano education 

Chinese media on FAIM Co-creation Festival and Dr. Mikowsky

Oliver Salonga and Edit Maria Lenghel Two Piano Performance at FaceArt Institute of Music FAIM Co-creation Festival Student-faculty Recital at Shanghai Oriental Arts Center

FaceArt faculty Jacob Charles Performing his Own Composition on Guqin

Last summer was such a fruitful time, full of music, creativity and friendship.
Now, I have just joined the piano faculty at UC Berkeley and am splitting my time between the Bay Area and Shanghai.

I look forward to many new adventures with my friends and fellow musicians. One special announcement is that I’ll be giving a limited tour with NY Philharmonic players next year.

Pianist Jenny Q Chai with Friends from the New York Philharmonic

limited touring availability of The War Below, a groundbreaking collaboration between Jenny Q Chai and an all-star string quartet from the New York Philharmonic. Join the first U.S. tour of The War Below, April 6 through 12, 2021!

I’m thankful to have such a rich, creative and musical life. I can’t be doing it without you! Thank you all for being there!

Much love,